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Roof Installation

When looking for a professional company that can help you with a full-scale roof installation or replacement, your first thought should be reliability. A professional roofer should be experienced, local and insured to operate in your area.

Roof Repair 

While a damaged roof will at the minimum requirements to be repaired, and in more extreme situations could require re-roofing or even reinstallation, there could be circumstances where a short-term fix is required. Tarping the roof is one such solution, which is sometimes necessary during (say) the rainy season where it may not be feasible to undertake a full-scale overhaul of the roof, but the home must be protected from the elements.



Relentless Contracting is happy to offer the city of Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas quality seamless gutters at an affordable price. Seamless gutters prevent issues (such as clogging) that come with excess water and debris, common for Dallas homes. We repair, align, and install our gutters carefully to keep your foundation and roofing safe. You can get the best seamless gutter repair or complete gutter installation service in the DFW by working with us!


Your exterior is the first impression neighbors and passersby get of your home, and Relentless Contracting understands that. Our experienced team of craftsmen are skilled in restoring home exteriors that suffer from peeling or flaking paint, damaged trim, water damage, and more. Get an exterior paint job so great you won’t be able to stop looking at it!

Chimney Siding

If your Dallas-Fort Worth home is over 10 years old and you have siding on your chimney (instead of brick), there’s a good chance you need new chimney siding. Years ago, Dallas area homebuilders commonly used fiberboard or wood on the exterior of chimneys, for both affordability and aesthetics. The problem is that even well-maintained fiberboard is not a durable product for the exterior of your home over the long term. It’s highly susceptible to rotting, swelling, and deterioration. As a result, a chimney that looks good from the ground can be completely rotted and allow water to enter the home.

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